Our Company

RED Services prepares homeowners and their families for unexpected disasters, accidents, and emergencies. Our philosophy is to combine quality products with unparalleled service to provide the highest level of emergency preparedness to every home and family. RED works with Trained Professionals to create awareness and solutions to threats homeowners face everyday.


Millions of Americans are impacted by fire, health, and safety-related losses every year; usually these emergencies occur within victim’s own homes. Fire and safety evaluations have traditionally been limited to commercial buildings, yet over 97% of fire related deaths occur in the home.

In 2011 a group of Firefighters decided to change this, founding RED Services. Their goal was to help prevent some of the losses they had seen firsthand. Today RED provides solutions for residential fire safety, home security, and CPR training. With continued growth and ever increasing demand, RED is focused on expanding its services nationwide.

Portrait of firefighters